Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day!


Things I miss about Canada:

1. ketchup chips

2. French

3. poutine (like real poutine, none of this grated mozzarella nonsense)

4. Canadian currency (why Americans make fun of Canadian currency is beyond me. It’s beautiful, colourful, the bills are easier to distinguish, coins are more convenient than $1 bills and I will fight anyone who says otherwise, and it’s plastic to it’s basically indestructible.)

5. hockey (both the sport and the fact that I can watch it on regular cable)

6. national elections that don’t last more than a few months

7. diversity (in my [anecdotal, regionally-specific] experience cultural diversity is celebrated more north of the border [though things are far from perfect])

8. Heritage Minutes (and quoting Heritage Minutes with people who get the reference and don’t just think I’m nuts – “But I’m sure he means the houses, the village!”)

9. the quintessentially Canadian music and comedy

10. Montreal bagels (New York bagels? Please.)