It’s Official – She’s Running for President

Hillary Rodham Clinton announced yesterday that she is running for president which should come as a shock to absolutely no one. She made her announcement via the video below.

Some thoughts:

  • If you already like Hillary Clinton then you’ll probably like the video. It’s pretty warm and fuzzy but not too cheesy.
  • As many others have already pointed out, Hillary herself does not appear in the video until 1:30 of the 2:18 minute video. The decision to keep the focus on other people is strategically wise for two reasons. First, it conveys a clear message: Hillary is running as the champion of the middle class and “ordinary Americans.” Second, Hillary has near universal name recognition in the United States so unlike other candidates, she doesn’t need to introduce herself to the American public. It was therefore smart for her to get out of the limelight to reinforce her campaign message.
  • The cast of her video was quite diverse, as it should be.
  • “Little tiny fishiiiiiiiiies…”

  • The logo. Oh the logo. I admit that I find it a little weak. But some of the reactions online are just out of control. No, Wikileaks, she didn’t steal your logo. No, it doesn’t look like a plane going through the twin towers that’s just the way an “H” is shaped (yes people have actually said that but there are multiple links for this one so I don’t want to single one out). No, the fact that the arrow is red doesn’t mean communism for goodness sake. Yes, it points to the right, no, I don’t find that ironic. No, it doesn’t really look like the Cuban flag but if you’re going to point that out shouldn’t you acknowledge that the American flag (and so many other flags out there) looks a bit similar to the Cuban flag? Ugh, enough about the logo.

    Clinton will almost surely get the Democratic nomination even if other candidates emerge but the GOP race is just getting started. As of this morning Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio have announced they are running for president. Jeb Bush and Scott Walker seem poised to run while Chris Christie, Rick Santorus, Rick Perry, and maybe Mike Huckabee also seem like potential candidates. It’s not clear who Clinton’s challenger will be but the race should be fierce.

    I’m often critical of the amount of time and money that is spent on US presidential elections, but I have to admit to feeling a bit excited as election activity slowly ramps up. Fatigue will undoubtedly set in but right now, I’m sitting back and enjoying it.