Insert Cruz Pun Here

So this happened yesterday:

Personally, Cruz’s announcement reminded me that Canadians are very lucky he decided not to practice politics in the land of his birth. Although there probably wasn’t much danger of that anyway. If Cruz hates Obamacare so much I can’t even imagine what he thinks of universal health care.

The fact that Cruz is officially in the running for the GOP nomination adds some drama to the early stages of the 2016 presidential elections but it seems virtually impossible that he will actually get it. And therefore impossible that we’ll see the inauguration of President Cruz. Impossible because Cruz is just too wacky, too extreme. Even for many of his fellow Republicans. FiveThirtyEight offers great statistical data to backup this claim.

Un-electable, however, should not be equated with dimwitted or delusional. As several sources in this New York Times article point out, Cruz is ambitious, savvy, and intelligent. He strategically positioned himself as the “Tea Party champion” just as the Republican base shifted to the right in 2010. He successfully “tapped into an anger among the party’s grass roots that many Republicans had not fully appreciated” and that gives him some political clout. Maybe not enough to elect him President of the United States but enough to make him worth watching, at least until the race really gets going.

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