I’m Back – with President Underwood and PM Netanyahu

Oh hey, it’s been awhile. I had a few big things on my plate recently that I’ve finished with so it’s back to regular blogging. I really finished up with my stuff late last week but then House of Cards premiered so…

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^ That was my weekend. We binge-watched Season 3 of House of Cards with embarrassing swiftness. A more thorough review is forthcoming but right now I’m waiting to watch another, real-life politician address Congress.

Everyone has been talking about Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to Congress for a ton of reasons. His invitation to speak says a lot about the current state of relations between the Democrats and the Republicans, and Israel and the United States (or at the very least the leaders of these two countries). Throw into the mix on-going negotiations with Iran about their nuclear program and we’ve got ourselves a real mess. I have some thoughts on everything so plan on another blog entry post-Netanyahu speech.

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Obviously the stakes involved in each of these topics are very different (i.e. one is incredibly fictional and the other is definitely not) but there’s a lot to tease out with each of them.

So, until then.

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