Superbowl Superstition

An article written by Eric Russell that ran in Maine’s Portland Press Herald begins with the following:

“If the New England Patriots lose to the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl on Feb. 1, the fault may not lie with coach Bill Belichick or quarterback Tom Brady or with how much air pressure is in the football.
The fault may be Gretchen Faulkner’s.”

Why do I care? Well, two reasons. I’m a recent (but dedicated!) Patriots fan. But more importantly I know Gretchen Faulkner. I know her really well. She’s my boyfriend’s mother. 

The Seattle Seahawks’ logo is, as Russell describes, based on “a transformation mask originating from the Native American Kwakwaka’wakw tribe.” It has been part of the University of Maine’s Hudson Museum collection for decades. It is now on loan to the University of Washington’s Burke Museum largely due to Gretchen’s initiative.

Since the mask has been displayed in Seattle, the Seahawks have remained undefeated. Gretchen, James, and I are all glad Seattle got to spend time with the mask. But frankly, we hope its luck runs out on Sunday.

Update [February 2nd]: Even a lucky mask could not prevail over the likes of Tom Brady, Gronk Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, Malcolm Butler et al. Maybe it switched allegiance at the last moment and bewitched Pete Carroll. How else do you explain his decision to go for the pass at the 1 yard line? Either way we’ve got ourselves a Superbowl victory and Gretchen’s reputation as a Pats fan remains solidly intact.

Call him a crybaby now, I dare you.