The Interview: Not The Satire We Were Looking For

I saw The Interview over the weekend because it became available to stream via Netflix. It was… exactly as bad as I thought it would be. Basically Tina and Amy had it right at The Golden Globes.

NBC / Dick Clark Productions

Easily the most interesting thing about The Interview is all the hoopla surrounding its release namely Sony’s decision to not release the film in theatres after receiving threats from the North Korea government and having its computer systems hacked by a group alleged to have ties to the latter.

The film itself was actually pretty disappointing. And I had super low expectations. What’s disappointing about the film isn’t necessarily the humour; I was expecting low-brow butt jokes and misogyny. It’s that at times the film veers close to interesting satire only to immediately revert back to its low standard of vaguely racist, boring gimmicks that weren’t funny the first time but are nevertheless beaten to death.

I don’t require that humour be sophisticated, complex, or any other quality that might make it “high-brow.” I enjoy silliness whether or not it makes a salient point. The problem with the low-brow humour of The Interview is that it committed comedy’s fatal flaw: it didn’t make me laugh.