The Colbert Report Signs Off

Stephen Colbert hosted his last-ever episode of “The Colbert Report” last night. It was weird, silly, funny, and a little sad. Everything I had hoped it would be. I’m excited to see Colbert take over for Letterman and while I’m sorry to see his character retired it will be fun to see him play it straight.

He capped off the night with a star-studded sing-along that was just the right amount of charm and surprise to avoid too much cheese factor.

The video is below and you should definitely watch it. My reaction as I watched last night was something along the lines of “Yes! Colbert is going to sing! Aw, Jon Stewart is joining him. Not unexpected but definitely welcome. Oh wow, that’s Randy Newman on piano… Willie Nelson?! Oh, and the actor from Breaking Bad whose name I’m blanking on. Mandy Patinkin! Neil Degrasse Tyson! BIG BIRD. Katie Couric! A blond guy who is definitely not Macauley Culkin no matter what James thinks. But then that argument was interrupted when Gloria Frickin Steinem walked across the stage. Umm go Ambassador Power who looks like the only one in that group who knows the lyrics, though Cookie Monster gets a pass because it’s tough to read his lips. Look alive, James Franco! Oh hey there, Arianna Huffington, George Lucas, and Alan Alda. Is that Patrick Stewart hanging out in the back there? And was that Barry Manilow? Oh there is Bill Clinton, naturally.”—friends—-we-ll-meet-again-

Well done, Stephen Colbert. My Tweet last night says it all: